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Daily Ian Spam

I post this because I am a huge bookworm and I would just LOVE to walk into my house and find him reading a classic.


I am aware I am a dork. LOL

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Daily Ian Spam

My friend Ash, who I dearly love and appreciate, sent me this. Cause she knows I'm utterly obsessed.

Oh, to find him in a bow under my tree...
LOVES IT. Gives me hope for this X-mas. LOL

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam: Isobel's Return

Who can blame the woman for trying to stop him from zipping up those pants?

So. Freaking. Hot.

CW Source and TV Guide Interviews with The Vampire Diaries Cast and Ian Somerhalder

Check out this TV Guide interview where Ian discusses Stefan, Elena, and how their relationships are unfolding this season.

You can also check out the CW Source interview over at Blood Falls. CW Source talks Behind the Scenes with The Vampire Diaries cast and other fun little tidbits. I love Ian's bromance with Matt Davis, who's hilarious on Twitter by the way! Ian continues to be lovely to his fans. As if we could love him any more than we already do.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam

I had way too much fun at the company's employee party...but I didn't completely forget about you all...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam

So obviously those extra goodies I sorta promised on Twitter last night didn't happen and this is kinda late...but here's one of my fave photos of Ian. I promise I will post the latest Ian vids tomorrow. I need to sleep now. And hopefully dream of Ian. LOL

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Official Ian Somerhalder Foundation Website is Up!

Exciting news! The official IS Foundation website is up and running! There's some really cool stuff up, including a lovely message from Ian to his fans. Excerpt:
Feeling the support towards the dream that the IS Foundation represents was literally the best birthday gift ever. It couldn’t have been so special, so powerful without YOU, each and every one of you. Thank you so much.
I can't wait to fully explore the site and find out how fans can get involved. Please go see it and help make Ian's dream of a better future for our planet come true! Seriously, go check the IS Foundation site now!

Daily Ian Spam- Death by Ian

I tried to post Ian spam on a daily basis, I failed. Now I feel like I'm not living up to the version of my best self...

To make it up, I'll give you the three days worth of Spam I couldn't post. A pic, a GIF, and a vid.

I could just slide right onto that lap...

I am DEAD.

And isn't he? LOL

Yum. Yum. Yum.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Short & Extended Promos for The Descent

A long, cruel, and excruciating wait is upon us fans of The Vampire Diaries.

Episode 12, "The Descent" does not air until January 27th, but the short and extended promos are up! Looks intense!

This wait is already feeling torturous and it has literally just begun.

Via Blood Falls

Daily Ian Spam: Fan Vid

One of my fave fanvids. Looks like I am bound to suffer through more Rose/Damon interaction so I need to find more Delena goodies...LOL.

And it's not even that Elena and Stefan are getting it on or that Damon and Elena aren't! I just don't like Rose very much. LOL I want MORE for Damon, not just some "special friend." If they give him an actual honest to goodness relationship, I can get behind that.

Special thanks to definingdreams for this wonderful vid!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Kristin Interviews Ian Somerhalder Pt.2

Part 2 of Kristin's interview with our fave man, Ian Somerhalder.

I totally agree with Ian! Damon needs some REAL SUBSTANTIAL love. If not from Elena, from somewhere else!

Via Blood Falls

Zap2it on the Scene of 'The Vampire Diaries': Michael Trevino, Candice A...

Carina Adly MacKenzie aka @cadlymack, from Zap2It, has a great write up with details about this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries,"By The Light Of The Moon." I love Michael Trevino, and it seems like everyone had great things to say about the mid-season finale episode which will give him some time in the spotlight! See the vid below for some of the scoop! Ian talks werewolves and women!

Check out the rest of the interview via Zap2It!


Daily Ian Spam

So, ever since Ian Somerhalder (as Damon), bath tubs, and bubble baths were mentioned today, my body has been nothing but a receptacle for sheer wanton lust. When @cadlymack tweeted this pic to tide us over until she posts her interview, I just...I can't even tell you.

I am aware he's been working all day on his birthday (go donate to IS Foundation) and is probably exhausted, but Sweet Baby Jesus! HIS HAIR IS STILL WET and oh Lawd, the images dancing in my head!

The Vampire Diaries - Marathon Preview

I am such a fangirl I will watch these again. For like the 6th time.

As a reminder, beginning Monday, December 13th, the CW will air a marathon session (10 episodes in 5 nights) of The Vampire Diaries. Get all your non-TVD friends on board! If they don't, they suck, and not in a good way. J/K!! But not really.

Here's the promo for the marathon!

Source  | Source

Entertainment Weekly Talks With Ian Somerhalder

Ian has been a busy guy with all these interviews!! Mandy Bierly, of EW, sat down with our main man, Ian Somerhalder, to get some deets on The Vampire Diaries and The IS Foundation.

On Damon:
"Basically, Damon, as much as he fights it, is starting to feel. And that angers him. It scares him. It’s just different for him, and he doesn’t quite know how to deal with it,” he says. “I was talking to my father, and his dog, our family dog, is a rural country dog. She’s never been on a leash, this animal. We’re taking her this winter to our house in the mountains where we’re gonna spend Christmas. We’re gonna bring her. We want our dog with us. My dad is gonna drive across country, and he said [Laughs] he tried to teach her how to walk on a leash, and she flipped out. The dog’s 10 years old. It’s so difficult teaching an old dog new tricks, and Damon is unbelievably uncomfortable on that metaphorical leash of humanity. It’s been so long since he felt like this that it’s freaking him out. Another element shows up to Mystic Falls that again compromises and endangers what he started to love, and so the stakes get raised again. At the end of this episode, it’s pretty heavy for him.”
On the IS Foundation:
“One thing that’s a blessing and a curse to people like us who grow up in the United States of America,” he continues, “is we have the most phenomenal boundaries: Canada on one side, Mexico on one side, and these two vast oceans. What that prevents kids from America from doing is traveling abroad very easily by virtue of the fact that it’s costly and that it’s a long way to go. It’s limiting in a big way. If you speak to a lot of youth in America, they generally haven’t been out of the country because it’s so huge, and they don’t really realize what’s out there and how amazing the world is and how delicate it is. I want to allow educational programs to get kids out, to get them to see what else is out there and be aware how it’s all working..."
To read the rest of the interview, head over to!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hollywood Crush Interview with Ian Somerhalder


He also talks about the IS Foundation and how much it means to him! Let's support it in honor of his birthday! Donate here.

Read the interview over at Hollywood Crush!

Via VD Source

Ian on E! with Kristin Santos

I haven't even been able to watch this, but enjoy!! Doesn't it feel like it's OUR b-day and not his with all these interviews?! Psst! Speaking of his birthday, please go donate to the IS_foundation!

TV Squad Talks To Ian Somerhalder

He talks Damon/Elena, his bromance with Matt Davis, and Damon's existential
crisis. LOL

Can I love him any more? I mean, really.

Remember today is Ian's birthday! Let's support him in all his endeavors! Please go donate to the IS Foundation!

Happy Birthday Ian Somerhalder!!

Its Ian's Birthday today (December 8th) and on behalf of us bloggers @SnarkyDee @riverrunswild @SparksTP & @TeamSpaceHeaters at Lost In Ian we would like to wish Ian a very happy birthday!

As we've previously reported Ian has made a foundation as a birthday gift to himself. All he's asking for is some support and if you can afford it to donate $32, which is a dollar for every year of his life. If you can't afford that much then please feel free to donate as much or as little as you can, every penny helps!!

This is what Ian has to say from his official foundation website:

Supporting and nurturing all life on this pretty blue planet is a very important commitment I am taking to the next level. You may have heard that to create positive change I’ve started a foundation. Well it’s true! The IS Foundation aims to empower, educate & collaborate with people & projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. I'm so very excited to be able to connect with everyone who wants to see change. Because of my heart-centered commitment, this year, my one and ONLY birthday wish is to help our planet and our furry friends.

Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and raise funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends. If people truly feel like giving me a gift for my birthday this year, I hope you will consider giving a donation to the foundation. Giving to the foundation would be the best gift I could ever wish for, it would give us a chance to make change together.

With birthday wish campaigns, it is customary to suggest a donation in relation to the age the person will be turning...Whoa... 32 years old this year, how did that happen? Whether you choose to give 32 dollars or more, or less, I’m going to appreciate your involvement in the IS Foundation start up in an immeasurable way. If you have it in your heart to donate, I want to thank you right now..... THANK YOU!

I can’t wait to begin working together with all of you. Please donate, it would mean the world to me and allow us to make change happen now as well as, put into play long-term change for our world and it’s inhabitants.

Love, Ian

Please please please do everything you can to help and visit Ian's official website by clicking HERE

Thank you!

Daily Ian Spam: The Best of Damon Salvatore

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days, I died happily. Bury me with my Taycob standee and my Ian porn, I mean, movies.


Now updated with Part 5, which she just posted today!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ian Somerhalder on The Jimmy Kimmel Show

Ian being his usual wonderful self and making us crave pizza. Off his stomach if possible. (Now updated with video from Jimmy Kimmel YT channel)

Is it me or did he look EXTRA super delicious last night?

P.S. You might be able to see me fangirling in that Miami vid if you try really really hard! Ok, not really, but I was there, front row. LOL

Originally Via @BLUEEYESIAN

Daily Ian Spam: Lost City Raiders Special

I haven't seen it. But I will soon...I will buy it cause I'm a fangirl and these promo shots are so pretty and I just can't stop myself. LOL

Shoulder, Jaw, Hair, and Eye Porn. UNF.

Just look at him.

Those eyes slay me and bring me back to life.

Touch of Damon in this one. LOVE. LOL

He's in a wetsuit. I will somehow refrain from smutty commentary.
Thanks Aya for inspiring this post! LOL

Monday, 6 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam: Nylon Special

I love this shoot. I love the photos. I love the videos. I love the clothing Nina wore (the shoes!!). I especially love how they tease each other and seem to have a great relationship.

I even love that they look like they could be drunk at the after-party. (An extra LOL for the chick who just walked up to Ian and took a bite.)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam: Serenade Special

He plays the guitar, ladies and gentlemen. HE PLAYS THE GUITAR.

Apparently still a novice (learned for a role) from what I read, but still. I CAN'T EVEN. He plays the guitar.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Vampire Diaries May Return From Hiatus on January 27th?! And Possible New Time.

WOW. This is MAJOR.

Not only is the mid-season hiatus apparently longer than I thought it would be, but there's a possibility The Vampire Diaries could be moved to Tuesday nights due to Idol? Definitely a lot to ponder on. Thoughts?

Check it out via @SpoilerTV

Ian Somerhalder- Backstage on Leno

Skip to 1:46 unless you wanna see Jane Fonda showing off her bod.

He talks about the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (go donate in honor of his birthday!!) and his fans.

Ian, I love you. Your fans are only dedicated to you as we are because you are SO wonderful. You are truly an inspiration!

Daily Ian Spam- Get To Know Ian Somerhalder

15 minutes past midnight (boss really needs to stop cock blocking my internet time by making me work late)...who doesn't want a little Ian Somerhalder in their life?

One of my fave interviews. It's quirky and fun. He kills it like always. I love that he watches anything on The Animal Planet. He's such an animal lover and we adore him for it. LOL

UNF. And that scruff. And those eyes.

Friday, 3 December 2010

The Vampire Diaries 'By The Light of The Moon' Extended Promo (Ep11)


The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 11 Promo!

There's no Ian in this promo but I thought you might want to see it anyway... its um hot!

People's Choice Awards Reminder: Vote for Ian and The Vampire Diaries!

Quick reminder that voting ends on November 7th!! Let's make Ian and the rest of the cast PCA winners!

You can head on over to the People’s Choice Awards website to vote. You can also tweet the following to get your votes in:

I just voted for The Vampire Diaries #scififantasyshow #PeoplesChoice Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

I just voted for The Vampire Diaries #tvdrama #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

I just voted for Ian Somerhalder #tvdramaactor #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

The winners will be announced on January 5th, 2011. Originally, I wanted a hat if he made an appearance. Now I want a tailored suit a la Leno. UNF.

Ian Tweets Backstage Pic from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

I hope you watched Ian being his usual intoxicating and brilliant self on Leno tonight. I was actually productive at work today, so here's the pic Ian tweeted earlier today!

He's so amazing. Seriously, how charming was he?!

Daily Ian Spam: No Words Are Needed



Ian Somerhalder on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Not the greatest quality, but I'll upload something better when I find it. Check out his pants. Just sayin'. *whistles innocently* (Update: Better quality vid posted via charlieclairelost)

Thanks YT user gwennie1988!

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Daily Ian Spam: Late Night Special

I'm 20 minutes past midnight, but here's a good one. One of the sexiest fan vids I've ever seen.

Thanks to YT user lucas13oth!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

New Festive Ian Somerhalder Wallpaper

New awesome Ian wallpaper by DreamySim! Click for fullsize

Ian Somerhalder Interview with Vegas Magazine

So a few days ago, I posted the beautiful picture you see here, but not the corresponding interview. Ian sheds light on some interesting subjects, from food to the IS Foundation. Check out the interview via Vampire Diaries Online.

*sighs* This pic has quickly gone up the ranks in faves.

Ian Somerhalder is Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel!

Looks like they're throwing us a couple of bones for our devoted suffering in the name of The Vampire Diaries. In addition to appearing on Leno, Ian will also make a guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on December 6th! *Happy dance*

The Vampire Diaries - Preview Clip for The Sacrifice

urevi^$!)ebviuefgvr4fw3^!&%!*eion39084yh49reqvcuo cu347@!(@^!@gvb!!!!! General Damon awesomeness? Check! Elena saying she cares about both of them? Check!! Super intense look between the two? CHECK!!!!!!!!!!

Be still my frantic heart!! I. Cannot. Wait.


Daily Ian Spam: Blood Brothers Pt. 2

So, my withdrawal symptoms have reached an all time high. I just watched 4 episodes of Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. And you know I had to watch Blood Brothers. Yeah, you got some stills here, but I could watch this scene on replay over and over again.

Let's just all take a moment to bask in his beauty. *Bows head*

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Daily Ian Spam Post

I wish I could credit the genius who made this, since it's surely crossed every single one of our minds, but I have no idea where it came from...LOL.

If only Ian, if only....

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Web Page Launch!

Just a reminder..... The Ian Somerhalder Foundation web site has been launched, you can visit it HERE. Please sign up and show your support!

Ian Somerhalder At The StTammy Humane Society Event In New Orleans!

Ian Somerhalder was at StTammy Humane Society Event in New Orleans on November 13th. A very lucky fan got the opportunity to meet Ian and had this to say:

 A friend and I flew down to New Orleans from Our home in South Carolina and enjoyed the city and then the event. His mother was there as well. After talking to some family and eating, he spent the remainder of the evening patiently taking tons of pictures with fans. He seemed very appreciative and gracious. He was also very affectionate and gave lots of kisses and hugs to fans. It was a great night!”

[Source: OLV]

Episode 10 Of The Vampire Diaries: Sacrifice Extended Promo & Stills!

Damon: "Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out"

Me: *Passes Out*

Below are some stills, make sure to click after the break for some more!

10 Stills Of Episode 11 Of Vampire Diaries Episode:By Light Of The Moon!


The next Vampire Diaries episode, By Light Of The Moon, is set to air this Thursday, December 9th. Below is some stills from the episode where we see newcomer Jules make an appearance. here's the synopsis of the episode:

TYLER FACES HIS FIRST TRANSFORMATION — As the full moon approaches, Caroline helps Tyler prepare for the transformation he is powerless to stop. While Stefan and Katherine play mind games on one another, Damon and Alaric are suspicious when a stranger named Jules shows up in Mystic Falls, searching for her missing friend, Mason. Elena is frustrated at the lengths Jeremy and her friends have gone to in order to keep her safe. Bonnie and Luca work together on a spell, while still keeping secrets from one another. Finally, Elijah makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.

Vampire Supports T-Shirt Project For The Ian Somerhalder Foundation!

As we previously reported info on Chloe and Amber over at Vampire Support (along with Jess over at Mystic Falls Tours) have been working on their first project with their Pepsi grant. The Vampire Support T-shirt Project is aiming to raise money for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, and the Foundation will be earmarking that money for projects with The National Wildlife Federation.
The t-shirt image (to your left) is designed to appeal to vampire fans, and both human and animal rights activists, and can be yours for $25 (including shipping). If you want to check out the design in higher resolution, or order a t-shirt for yourself (and your family and friends, while you’re at it), head on over to Vampire Support. Go on, it’s for a good cause!


Ian Somerhalder Talks To Extra!

Ian Somerhalder talks to Extra about his Foundation, Vampire Diaries and Twilight gets a mention.

Unf! I just love him even more ;)

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Updates

I've been horribly remiss in posting the latest IS Foundation news. We previously posted some updates as they came across, but here's the latest:

  • The IS Foundation has a new twitter account. Please follow them @IS_Foundation.
  • The Official IS Foundation website has launched. Please go at and help however you can. A little excerpt from the site:

Instead of gifts this year, my birthday wish is that we come together and raise funds to support projects that protect our habitat and nurture our furry friends. If people truly feel like giving me a gift for my birthday this year, I hope you will consider giving a donation to the foundation. Giving to the foundation would be the best gift I could ever wish for, it would give us a chance to make change together.

With birthday wish campaigns, it is customary to suggest a donation in relation to the age the person will be turning...Whoa... 32 years old this year, how did that happen? Whether you choose to give 32 dollars or more, or less, I’m going to appreciate your involvement in the IS Foundation start up in an immeasurable way. If you have it in your heart to donate, I want to thank you right now..... THANK YOU!

  • Vampire Support and Vampire Stalkers have teamed up with the IS Foundation and started a T-shirt project. All profits from the shirts go directly to the IS Foundation. I have already ordered mine. Here's the link to order yours!
Alright peeps, that's the latest. I've already made a donation to the IS Foundation, but I will be making one on his birthday for $32 as well. I cannot stress enough how proud I am of Ian for his efforts to make this planet a better place to live. As a huge fan, I am behind him 100%. I urge you to give whatever you can.

Daily Ian Spam: Interview Special

It's an oldie, but goodie. Every time I see his interviews, I love him more. He always has such great insight.

I've said it many times. Gorgeous is the least of it. He really is amazing in all ways.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Congrats Ian on Winning Hollywood Life's Sexiest Man Alive!

Now THIS is more like it!! Look at him, for Gad's sake. UNF. Just YES.

Let's all join in a celebratory drink and dance!!



Now, where's my Sexiest Man Alive cover with Ian on it?! LOL

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Daily Ian Spam: So Grateful For "The Return"

I am extremely grateful for the wonder by the name of Ian Somerhalder. And this scene. Extremely grateful for this scene.

A little pic action

A little GIF Action

How about I just post the entire thing? I would, but the user disabled embedding. LOL Click on the link and enjoy. Up until your heart is broken by Damon (well done, Ian!), that is. Yeah, I'll pretend that part doesn't exist.

Happy Thanksgiving Lovelies!!

Daily Ian Spam: Ian Somerhalder In "How To Make Love To A Woman"

So I won't lie...I bought this movie (and 4 others with him) and the 8:30 minutes of Ian ARE TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY I spent on it. On the 2:14 mark of this vid, when he asks her "So this guy, your boyfriend...Andy...does he take care of you?" with that look in his eyes and then HE LICKS HIS LIPS...I swear an explosion could be felt around Miami. Sweet Baby Jesus.

I repeat. Worth every penny AND agonizing long waits between his scenes. How To Make Love To A Woman, you say? It's simple if you're Ian. You exist.


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Steven Antin On Discovering Ian Somerhalder

Writer-director Steven Antin. He directed Burlesque. He's promoting. He mentions Ian. Nuff said.

The excerpts about Ian are below.

Is it strange that coming into Burlesque, many folks don’t realize that you’ve done so much before — like your previous acting roles or the series that you created, Young Americans?
A lot of people don’t. Every now and then there are people like you who saw it and loved it. But stylistically, Young Americans was a staggeringly beautiful show, and a lot of attention was paid to detail in creating a beautiful world and environment.

The other thing that an entirely new generation may not realize they have to thank you for is introducing the world to Ian Somerhalder, who made his acting debut in Young Americans.
Oh yeah! I found Ian Somerhalder. He had never acted before, but his picture came across my desk and I said, “Get that kid in here! I think he could play the role of Hamilton.” I just liked the way he looks and I wanted to see if he can do it. He was a Guess model at the time and they kept saying, “He’s doing a shoot for Guess,” and kept cancelling. I said, “But I want to meet him for a TV series!” Finally he came in and I took him to the network and coached him. I actually shot him myself in my office and went through a long process of helping to get him on TV.

Was he not already sold on transitioning into acting at the time?
He was sort of thinking about it, exploring it, and he was going out for things. But he hadn’t done any [acting]. He was just a model. Not just a model — he was a successful, beautiful young model, but I knew when he came to my office that there was something special about this guy.

Does that mean you keep up with him on The Vampire Diaries?
I do sometimes, because Ian’s like my son! I feel like his dad. I love it. He’s great, such a charming, lovely, fabulous guy. You would love him. He’s also an incredibly bright, thoughtful, earthy guy. Really smart. He is really one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever seen in person. He’s so staggeringly beautiful that it’s jaw-dropping. You know what they said to me at The WB? “You’re putting too much make-up on him, there’s too much blush on his cheeks.” I’m like, “He doesn’t wear any make-up. That’s his f***ing skin.” He’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, and he’s a fabulous guy.

Let's all take a moment to thank Steven. Can you imagine if the beauty and wonder of Ian had never touched our lives? Yeah, what a sad, sad place this world would be. Also, I may just have to see this man's movie for saying such great things about our lovely Ian. Things I totally agree with. Tis why I practically worship the man. LOL

Just cause I can, here's couple of images of Ian on Young Americans. So presh.