Friday, 3 December 2010

People's Choice Awards Reminder: Vote for Ian and The Vampire Diaries!

Quick reminder that voting ends on November 7th!! Let's make Ian and the rest of the cast PCA winners!

You can head on over to the People’s Choice Awards website to vote. You can also tweet the following to get your votes in:

I just voted for The Vampire Diaries #scififantasyshow #PeoplesChoice Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

I just voted for The Vampire Diaries #tvdrama #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

I just voted for Ian Somerhalder #tvdramaactor #PeoplesChoice. Retweet to vote! via @peopleschoice

The winners will be announced on January 5th, 2011. Originally, I wanted a hat if he made an appearance. Now I want a tailored suit a la Leno. UNF.


  1. Ok, so this man is one hot mama jama. Fuuuuuck.

    (can I say the 'F' word on here??)

  2. Jenny my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS* We limit ourselves to the additional fucks (that's what she said!) to avoid having to put an 18 and over warning. LOL

    I have told you, woman. I need you to jump on the TVD train with me. LOL

  3. Oh, and yeah, Ian is TIED with Tay for my #1. You know that's big. LMAO

  4. Haha, OK, I'll be sure to censor myself!

    And I neeeeeeeeeeeeed at least basic cable--- I've nothing in my
    apartment. I'll buy some when you become my roommate. What season of
    TVD are we on? Can I rent the first one? #Winterbreakactivity

  5. LOL. err, this was supposed to be a reply to RIMR, but I hit comment instead. Carry on. LOL

  6. WOMAN! I can't live like that. I watch 2 shows and I have every single channel available on the Dish Network. Just in case. LOL

    I can let you borrow the first season if you want and you can watch without waiting for netflix! Next week is the midway finale for the second season. There's a 4 week hiatus after that (serious torture when you're addicted!!), then 11 episodes starting again in third week of January, if I have my info straight.