Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lost in Ian's First Daily Ian Spam Post

So last night, as I spent countless a couple of hours googling the one and only, über amazing, and dashing Ian Somerhalder, it suddenly came to me. One pic/gif/vid a day. What better way to show my utmost appreciation and love for him (a.k.a drool and sigh over how awesome he is for making the most awful days so much better)? Enjoy ladies and gents. I know I had LOTS of fun choosing a pic.

Yes, please. Who wouldn't want this unholy creature
of beauty (he can't be human) warming their sheets?

I had every intention of posting one picture...but just like
Lay's potato chips, one pic of Ian in bed just isn't enough.
You're welcome.

Well, I'll be off now. I have to um, yeah....

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