Friday, 12 November 2010

Extended Promo Trailer and Episode Stills for The Sacrifice (S2E10)

I'm crying over my sandwich as we speak. No, seriously. No new episode of The Vampire Diaries until December 2nd!

Thanks to the CW, we have some stills for the episode. Go them, over-analyze them, and agonize over what's coming. I know I will. Mildly spoiler-ish. If you want to see the ones that don't include Damon (Ian Somerhalder), check them out via the VD.Net Gallery.

We've also included the short and extended preview of "The Sacrifice" (Originally via Spoiler TV but we have uploaded better quality vids via YT)

"Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself." Holy. Freaking...Damon, I love you!! *composes self*

I don't know how I'll make it 3 weeks, let alone the winter hiatus.

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