Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Old Interview With Ian Somerhalder: 7 Things By NewsWeek

Woah...I've never seen this before, but obviously it was shot a long time ago as Ian mentions at the start that he was going back to Hawaii to shoot the final scenes for lost.

But hold the phone, Ian has a girlfriend?! My life is over  I'm not surprised... just look at him, he should be classified illegal with those killer eyes, pouty lips and chiselled features.
Also I never knew he auditioned for a role in True Blood and got rejected!! Bet Alan Ball is crying into his cup of fake blood now for making that decision.

Is it wrong that I'm glad he got rejected? Because then he wouldn't be playing Damon and I honestly can't imagine another actor filling that role.

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  1. Old interview. They broke up already. One of my fave Ian interviews. LOL