Sunday, 23 January 2011

EW Previews Damon's Bedroom

EW has taken a sneak peak into Damon's bedroom.
I like it when the magazine help us girls out by giving us what we want but I'm not sure I want the whole world to see 'our' bedroom ;-)
"Oh, don’t look at me like that. I’m asking this question not because I want you to imagine where the fictional magic happens, but because there comes a time when you’re such a fan of a show that you start wanting to piece together more of a character’s personality — and no place is as fun to do that in as his or her bedroom (with an adjoining bathroom, preferably). Sometimes you like what you see.

Like many viewers of The Vampire Diaries, I’ve been wondering where Damon sleeps when he’s not having sex on the living room floor. We’ll get our answer when the show returns with new episodes next week. Exec producer Julie Plec says they’ve been waiting to build that set until they had a reason to need it — and apparently they found it. Ian Somerhalder admits the addition took him by surprise: “I never imagined Damon having a bedroom,” he says. “I figured he always slept up in a rafter or somewhere atop of an oak tree. I honestly didn’t know.” But he’s more than happy with what Plec, exec producer Kevin Williamson, and production designer Garreth Stover created for him. “By virtue of the fact that Damon is not the most sentimental individual, he doesn’t keep anything from the past. It’s not a room full of antiquities and memories, such as Stefan’s,” Somerhalder says. “But it’s big, it’s very masculine, and it’s classy.” It’s also sexy. “The one really amazing thing, of course,” he continues, “[is] they had this bed custom-made. This thing, I’m not even kidding you, it’s gigantic. You splice together two king-sized beds… Damon could fit an entire sorority on this bed, which I’m sure at some point he will.” (Williamson likes to refer to it as Damon’s “throne.”)

As for Damon’s bathroom, well, Plec says its sexy parts — the standalone tub and seamless glass shower – will “get a lot of use.” Fans know that Somerhalder was filming bath and shower scenes last month. Producers won’t say who gets wet with him, but Plec did confirm, if memory serves her correctly, “it’s one bath scene in one episode, and a shower scene in the next.” (You’re welcome.) Says Williamson, ”We talked and talked and talked. We figured Uncle Zach remodeled the bathroom, so we got a really sexy bathroom. We made sure we got a nice little stacked stone rain shower in there. I just sort of made it the bathroom I wanted to shower in.” Somerhalder approves, and says the shower’s not exactly little: “The shower could fit a sorority and a volleyball team.”

HOLY MOTHER OF IAN!!!! I see a steamy sex session in the shower now... Oh Ian ;-)


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